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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


Spread the word.

The narrative presented from the pulpit of Christ Community Chapel was shockingly incomplete. If you know people who are unaware of the seriousness of the abuse allegations and the problems with CCC’s response, please send them to this site.


Ask questions.

Why were the views from the pulpit on Jan 19, 2014 and Feb 9, 2014 dismissive of the minors alleging abuse and protective of the alleged perpetrators? Why did CCC fail to inform the congregation of all the charges – implying there was simply one girl’s retracted allegation of a kiss? Why would CCC decline to engage a third party investigation for five years when requested repeatedly by community leaders and church members? Why would Tom Randall, who claims he considers these children his own, have his ministry pay for lawyers to defend the ones named by them as perpetrators? Why would he dismiss the charges of “his children” under the premise of mental illness or ulterior motives?


Request an independent investigation.

If you attend Christ Community Chapel—and particularly if you tithed between 2014 and 2016—you have a right to know where your money went and whether material information was intentionally withheld from you. Write to your pastor and ask for an independent, third-party investigation. If you are asked to wait for Ms. Lewis-Johnson’s current review to finish, we suggest you insist on receiving direct and timely answers about her review:

  1. Will Suzanne’s investigation cover a detailed audit into the financial records of World Harvest Ministries? Joe Coffey said on Jan 19, 2014 that Sankey was covering legal fees for Toto and Jake Luchavez. On Nov 18, 2018, he wrote that CCC was covering the Luchavez legal fees because they were CCC employees. He claimed this was required by Ohio law, which we are not able to confirm. In any case, will Suzanne answer how much of our tithe funds were spent on the criminal defense for the alleged abusers? What amount of our tithe funds continue to go to orphanages or ministries associated with Tom Randall? Do any of these funds support Toto Luchavez?

  2. Will Suzanne’s investigation answer why Joe Coffey wrote a blog post on January 14, 2014 saying that one girl had made an allegation of abuse which she retracted? Documents show that two girls made allegations in November 2013 and even more young people made allegations in January 2014.

  3. Will Suzanne’s investigation answer why Joe Coffey again said that it was only one girl who had retracted her claims on January 19, 2014? Karen Randall sent out a prayer letter on the same day saying that there were multiple complainants in the criminal case against Toto and Jake Luchavez.

  4. Will Suzanne’s investigation answer why Tom Randall on Feb 9, 2014, claimed that Sankey was “the finest orphanage in the world” when in fact it had been operating without a license since the end of 2012?

  5. Will Suzanne’s investigation answer why Joe Coffey and Tom Randall, on August 29 and August 31, 2014, respectively, claimed that all the charges against Toto and Jake Luchavez had been or would be dropped? Documents show that the case went on until late 2016.

  6. Will Suzanne’s investigation look into the possibility of a cover-up due to Tom Randall’s own complicity in inappropriate behavior with underage girls? Two women have come forward as well as a third party who observed inappropriate behavior between Mr. Randall and a teenage girl in the Philippines.

  7. Will Suzanne’s investigation cover internal emails by Christ Community Chapel staff concerning the situation?


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