Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.
Proverbs 31:8-9

In January 2014, an investigation conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division uncovered multiple allegations of abuse at Sankey Samaritan children’s home, Lucena, Philippines. Sworn statements from Sankey youth detailed abuses such as girls paid to give the director massages, forced kisses, and multiple allegations of rape. The home was funded through World Harvest Ministries, a nonprofit organization started by former missionary Tom Randall. Randall is currently employed at Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, OH.

Tom Randall and CCC lead pastor Joe Coffey have claimed that a local government investigation in December 2013 exonerated all the children’s home staff. No documentation for this investigation has been produced. Tom Randall and Joe Coffey have on multiple occasions stated that the problem was one girl making an accusation of a kiss, which she later retracted.

Christ Community Chapel has thus far refused all requests to engage an independent investigation to resolve this discrepancy. Instead, the view presented from the pulpit has defended the alleged abusers and omitted the sworn statements from the alleged victims, the criminal charges pressed for over two years based on those statements, and the alleged victims still standing by their statements today. Randall has portrayed himself as a victim of “gossip” and “slander”.

Conscience and integrity demand that all allegations of abuse are given a fair hearing. If Christ Community Chapel truly believes there is no problem, they should be the first to request an independent investigation to establish that. Instead, after five years, they have initiated an internal review conducted by a member. Their refusal to engage an independent investigation is troubling and raises concerns that worse abuses are being hidden.

We continue to request a third-party investigation by a team with expertise in child sexual abuse. Our desire is for past victims to receive the support and counseling they need to heal, and for perpetrators and enablers of abuse to be prevented from creating more victims.

Statement from Victim 3 (Aug 15, 2018)

Hello, this is {VICTIM 3}. I came at Sankey when I was eight years old because my mother had died. A year after, stroke attacked my father so he cannot take care of us. My father had a cousin working at sankey and she told it to my dad. He then decided just to send me at the orphanage since no one would take care us properly. I had relatives that wants to take us but my dad wouldnt let that happen. My father had dreams for us to finish our studies so we can have a better future. That was his reason for sending us at sankey cause he couldnt afford us to put in school as well as my other relatives.

At first, it was nice to live inside. Staff are kind and friendly. It went well for several years. As I grow up, things are starting to change. I was abused first by the director’s eldest son, It happened only once. Then followed by my long time caregiver and cook, they did it for a couple of times in a year during night time when everyone’s on a deep sleep. I was only 13 years old at that time. I want to talk about it, but no one would listen. They will think that its only a made up story of mine to accused the staff. I kept it a secret for years until they kicked me out. Because I was already causing trouble because I want to rebel of what had happened. I even stole money from the office and other stuffs like chocolate. There were nice presents for us kids in the stockrooms that came from other people. They were already opened and holds it there. It never reached the kids that has birthdays. Most of them are from supporters that visits sankey. There were no cameras installed in the compound. I was sent to one of my stepsisters that my father told to look after us while in staying at sankey and just passed me to my oldest stepsister ending up to her. She was mean and doesnt like me. So I forced myself to work part time so that I can earn and finish my highschool.

I am willing to tell everything because I want justice done to those who had abused me sexually. To make things clear, I just want only justice and not revenge. Ending this message, I want to let everyone to know that the abused actually happened. It’s not an imaginative story that I’m just making and no one bribe me to write it down. It’s the truth even other people wouldnt accept it. Its up to them to believe it or not. God knows what happened and the truth. No one can stop me from speaking the truth.

Thank you and God Bless,


Statement from Victim 1 (May 2, 2014)

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