Sankey youth sworn statements detailing abuse (Jan 13-15, 2014)

After the rescue on January 13, the Sankey young adults were interviewed by the NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division. What follow are quotes taken from their translated sworn statements. The originals are not being released for the sake of privacy and protection of the adults who were abused.

Tom Randall said in a meeting on Christ Community Chapel premises that the children of Sankey were under his legal guardianship and he thought of them as his own. But he also said that he never reviewed the sworn statements given by “his kids”. Why would a parent decline to review statements of abuse from their own children?

January 13, 2014 – With NBI AHTRAD Agent Gisele

But before I left his [Toto Luchavez’s] office he told me to hug him and kiss him on the lips. I asked why and he said just a smack. I wanted to leave then but he was holding my waist which is why I couldn’t leave so I was forced to kiss him on the lips and then I hurriedly left.

…My heartbeat raced. Even if I didn’t want to, I was forced to kiss him on the lips. But I was disgusted because when I kissed him, I felt that he opened his mouth. … I was startled because I felt on my lips his saliva … He said that his kiss was just fatherly love and that I was the only one thinking badly about it. He said that if I will think that way then he will just avoid me and not mind (take care of) me anymore. … I was afraid because he is the director of the orphanage. I was afraid that I will lose my sponsor for my studies because he is the bridge to my sponsor.

Kuya Toto noticed I was not feeling well so he said for me to lift my garment so he could massage me … I refused, he told me not to be shy but I still refused because he was a man and it was not right.

While I was sleeping I felt someone touching my chest. I thought it was nothing but I woke up and saw that he [former staff member] was embracing me. I became afraid so quickly got up and left.

JANUARY 14, 2014 – With NBI Agent Anne and DSWD Social Worker Ana Marie

I observed that there was a CCTV camera inside the boys’ dorm. To catch those who were smoking and drinking alcohol. … They [older boys] told me that they were scolded and threatened that they will not be able to set foot in Sankey missionary if they ever smoke again. I was also able to talk to the girls from the girls’ dorm, and they said that they were also threatened that they will not be able to come back to the girls’ dorm if they disobey Lolo [grandfather] Tom’s orders. The girls said that Lolo Tom spoke with them one by one inside Lolo Tom’s office when they were being reprimanded and eventually threatened they will not be able to come back to Sankey Missionary if they will not obey Lolo Tom. The fear is powerful in the minds of the dormers that they might not be able to return to Sankey. Sometimes, Tito Toto would reprimand the girls and boys one on one or it’s only the two of them in the office of Lolo Tom.

I was so happy last Christmas when we were told to line up one by one by Lolo Tom, given ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, and kissed and hug him. He joked with the girls by patting/tapping their legs lightly (minor showed in the drawing the spot on a girl’s body where Tom allegedly touched them).

January 14, 2014 – With NBI AHTRAD Agent Czar

According to them [my companions], [Toto Luchavez] frequently held/touched the buttocks of my female companions and sometimes jokingly spanks/slaps buttocks. I was once told by {Redacted} that in 2013 [Toto Luchavez] suddenly lifted her dress while her back was turned. Almost all the girls, he would ask to take turns in massaging him in his room. The massaging happens outside the orphanage and inside his house which can be found across the orphanage.

He took my cell phone and my companions’. He prohibited us from communication with {Redacted} because s/he might find out what’s happening in Sankey. If this was found out, outside, then Sankey will be closed down. Even our Facebook accounts, he asked his secretary to look at and see if we have been telling people about what’s happening in Sankey.

Q: Does Toto Luchavez have a gun?

A: Yes, sometimes I hear him shooting stray dogs and one time I saw his holster.

Q: After {Redacted} talked about the kissing incident with you, did you report it to the police or to the authorities, about this incident?

A: No. I only told one social worker and some of my companions. One thing, he is well known in Lucena, he has many friends in the police and the military. I thought that nobody will believe me. My complaint will only be wasted and that I might be removed from the orphanage and that I won’t be able to continue my studies.

January 11, 2014 – With NBI AHTRAD Agents Roy and Czar

That night, Jake came to our room at the boys’ dormitory. We were about ready to sleep when Jake entered the room. He told us that he wanted us to do something. He took off his bottoms and showed us his penis. Afterwards, he told us to hold his penis and to masturbate him. He then put our penis in his mouth and made us come. He was not satiated and wanted us to stick our penis in his anus which we declined to do.

January 14, 2014 – With NBI AHTRAD Atty Abdul and Atty Basset

There is an unspoken rule that if we violate the rules imposed/implemented by the center, we can get discharged from the center and ultimately be asked to leave and lose our privileges. … When {Redacted} was removed he was replaced by [Toto Luchavez], where there was news abuse of our companions. I found out that Toto made {Redacted}, one of the orphans at the center, kiss him.

January 13, 2014 – At NBI AHTRAD with Wennie

… [Toto Luchavez] suddenly went there and pulled me when I was about to leave, and he held/gripped my two arms tightly and forced me to kiss his lips. … I was afraid that my reputation will be destroyed/tarnished … He held me tightly and forced me to kiss him but I said no and resisted. But I couldn’t do anything because he was strong so he was able to kiss me on my lips. … I still kept quiet because if I told the others they might not believe me.

January 13, 2014 – With NBI AHTRAD Agent Mark

I was told to go to the room of {Redacted}, a dorm parent … He blindfolded me … I heard him take off his belt … I felt him come near me and he put his (ari) private part/genital on my mouth. His (ari) private part genital that tasted like mayonnaise on my mouth. … Then he put his genitals in my mouth and removed it and told me to get out of the room.

January 30, 2014 – NBI AHTRAD Summary Report

The following excerpts are from NBI AHTRAD’s summary report:

{Redacted} also avers that when he was between eleven (11) or twelve (12) years old, respondent Jake abused him. He asserts that respondent Jake entered his room which he shared with {Redacted}. Respondent Jake then touched their penises and masturbated them. Then, respondent Jake brought them to the comfort room [ed: bathroom] where the former inserted his penis to their mouths. Afterwards, respondent Jake performed fellatio on both {Redacted} and {Redacted}.

As she detailed it, three (3) girls, including her, would massage respondent Toto inside his room – one on his legs, one on his back and one on his hands. In exchange, she was given One Hundred Fifty Pesos (150.00), while some of the girls would receive less than her.