Stacey DiNardo emails with Miriam Bongolan (August 7-14)

The following email correspondence is between Stacey DiNardo, Executive Director of Operations and Weekend Experience at Christ Community Chapel, and Miriam Bongolan, Philippines missionary.

DiNardo initiated the correspondence on August 7, 2019 and the exchange concluded when Bongolan asked why GRACE was not being brought in to do a third-party investigation. As of Aug 28, 2019, no response has been received.

Stacey DiNardo to Miriam Bongolan (Aug 7 @ 9:23 PM)

Hello Miriam,

Thank you for your care for {Victim 1} and others that were a part of the Sankey Orphanage yeras ago. We are hoping to contact the young adults to offer an apology, let them know they are heard and believed and determine any next steps with them. I have found {Victim 1} on Facebook. Is that the best way to reach out to her? Any other contact info you would kindly pass on?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Stacey DiNardo

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Miriam Bongolan to Stacey DiNardo (Aug 8 @ 8:34 AM)

Messenger is the best way to contact them. Do you have any idea what next steps would be, any experience in this?

I’ll check with them if I can send you their info.

Stacey DiNardo to Miriam Bongolan (Aug 8 @ 8:46 PM)

Thank you so much for checking with them. I am working with counselors here in the states to make sure our apology is delivered appropriately. We hope to understand ways we can encourage, support and help any of them move towards wholeness and a continued path to Jesus. Do you have any suggestions? Were you closest with {Victim 1}?

Thanks you Miriam for your response, kindness and consideration.

Stacey DiNardo

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Miriam Bongolan to Stacey DiNardo (Aug 8 @ 11:01 PM)

Have you considered a third party organization such as GRACE of IJAM to guide your steps in this?

Stacey DiNardo to Miriam Bongolan (Aug 10 @ 7:09 AM)

We reached out to contacts at international justice mission to learn if there were ways they could partner to bring counseling or services. We hit dead ends. Do you know of local contacts that could potentially be of greater assistance?

Thanks you Miriam.

Stacey DiNardo

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Miriam Bongolan to Stacey DiNardo (Aug 10 @ 7:45 AM)

I will ask Child Protection experts I know who they would recommend. It would be helpful if GRACE could do an investigation first so that the local organization could have international feedback and not have to take on the pressure of an international investigation.

Stacey DiNardo to Miriam Bongolan (Aug 13 @ 6:32 AM)

Please let me know if you learn anything through your Child Protection experts. I will again reach out to IJM and another ministry that rescues and supports individuals from human trafficking – perhaps they can be a resource.

Our desire is to offer a sincere apology, let {Victim 1}, {Victim 3} and others know that we hear them and believe them, and to offer appropriate support moving forward.

Thank you Miriam.


Executive Director | Operations and Weekend Experience

Christ Community Chapel

Miriam Bongolan to Stacey DiNardo (Aug 14 @ 6:13 AM)

Is there a reason why GRACE is not being contacted? I’m sure you are aware Suzanne only did a review, not an investigation into the full scope of the abuse. (She told me that herself, many times, it is only a review of court documents and CCC response, not an investigation). An investigation is still needed.

What is your plan for restoration beyond apology?

You can look up the Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse in the Philippines. They can provide investigation, recommendation, and treatment locally.