Joe Coffey and Jim Colledge emails with church member (Nov 2018 - Jan 2019)

Between November 13, 2018 and December 17, 2018, CCC member Cari Gintz exchanged emails with Christ Community Chapel lead pastor Joe Coffey regarding the open questions about alleged sexual abuse at Sankey Samaritan children’s home.

These emails were originally published at The Wartburg Watch under a pseudonym.

Summary of Joe Coffey and Cari Gintz emails, Nov 15-18

  • Nov 13–Cari Gintz sends Joe Coffey a watch blog article from 2015. The blog discusses two people who had signed up to attend a “Dessert with Joe” event with Coffey. It claims that one person was told not to ask questions or bring up Sankey at the event, and the other was disinvited. It also raises questions about the dissolution of World Harvest Ministries and its rollover into Christ Community Chapel. Gintz asks Coffey if any of it is true.

  • Nov 13–Coffey denies everything, blames Joe Mauk, and claims he is increasing an effort to smear Tom Randall and CCC. Coffey calls social media dangerous and evil. He says Joe Mauk has lost all credibility in the Philippines.

  • Nov 13–Gintz thanks Coffey and promises to pass the information on.

  • Nov 15–Gintz sends Joe Coffey a link to the May 2014 interview with Victim 1 and Miriam Bongolan. She asks him to listen with objectivity.

  • Nov 15–Coffey again denies the posted information. Coffey implies Victim 1 is not credible, referencing her “background” and “file” and suggesting Gintz talk to Victim 1’s sister. He says whoever is spreading this hasn’t researched primary sources. He asks Gintz to sit down and talk to Tom and Karen Randall. He claims CCC has a group of trained professionals doing an “independent investigation.”

  • Nov 17–Gintz says she is doing the work and has been looking at documentation. She asks how the investigation can be independent if CCC is funding it?

  • Nov 17–Coffey responds attacking Joe Mauk, Miriam Bongolan, and “advocates”. He claims neither Gintz nor the church has heard Tom’s side. He says the church paid legal fees for Toto and Jake Luchavez because they were employees and not doing so would have broken Ohio law. He implies that Joe Mauk owes World Harvest money and is guilty of crimes in the Philippines. He insinuates that Joe Mauk has threatened or bribed Victims 1 and 3 and that Miriam Bongolan has a “history”. He says Joe Mauk and Miriam Bongolan have told lies. He repeatedly asks Gintz to meet with Tom and Karen Randall immediately.

  • Nov 18–Gintz says she will heed Coffey’s advice.

  • Nov 18–Coffey calls this “poison” and “satanic”. Coffey again tells Gintz to call Tom Randall. He tells her, “Make the people who are “researching” this meet w Tom next week. This is poison and it is satanic.”

Summary of Jim Colledge and Cari Gintz emails, Dec 17-22 & Jan 2-4

  • Dec 17–Cari Gintz outlines continued concerns after meeting with Tom and Karen Randall. Following a meeting with Tom and Karen Randall, Gintz writes to both Joe Coffey and Jim Colledge. She mentions the following concerns:

    • Coffey insisted repeatedly that she meet with the Randalls, but when Joe Mauk attempted to meet in June 2014, Coffey refused.
    • Two witnesses told Gintz that when Coffey was presented an affidavit of a young boy forced into oral sex, he said “you know how orphans are” and did not show a listening ear or humility.
    • Tom and Karen Randall told Gintz at the meeting that they did not read the affidavits of abuse the children signed.
    • If there had been nothing to hide, Gintz thinks the church would have brought in a neutral third party and worked with local concerned Christians immediately, but this did not happen.
  • Dec 22–Jim Colledge replies and requests Gintz meet with the church elder board. He asks her to cease attempting to contact Tom Randall through his cell phone. He claims an independent investigation is being done presently. The email is co-signed by Jim Gaul, chairman of the elder board.

  • Dec 22–Gintz denies contacting Randall. Gintz says her phone is available for review and she has not been contacting Tom Randall. She says if he is claiming otherwise, it is a lie.

  • Jan 1–Gintz asks to bring a witness. Gintz follows up with Jim Colledge asking for more details about the meeting and asking to bring another person with her.

  • Jan 2–Colledge says Gintz may not bring a witness with her.

  • Jan 2–Gintz says that in that case, she will not participate in such a meeting. She says she was trying to provide a final opportunity for an objective discussion.

  • Jan 4–Colledge wants to address Gintz’s “mistrust” and “disrespect”. Colledge clarifies that the meeting was not intended to discuss what may or may not have happened in the Philippines but rather to address Gintz’s “mistrust” and “disrespect” for the leadership at CCC.

  • Jan 5–Gintz suggests that if she may not bring anyone with her, she would be willing to meet with one elder and his wife. She says she is willing to follow leadership, but not to be intimidated or bullied.

  • Jan 10–Colledge refuses Gintz’s suggestion of meeting with one elder.

Full text

Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 13, 2018 at 7:33 AM)

Hi Joe:

I received this last night and read through it. I just wanted to simply ask you a question - not from a place of presupposition but simply a question/ is any of this true?- I certainly don’t walk in fear but I do trust the covering of dear consecrated friends to heed their warning - but as my pastor I’m coming direct to the source- I have not forwarded this to anyone but you!!!- Joe you have always told me the truth

Your friend


This is an old article, but concerning if true.

You can also look for Joe Mauk on Facebook, more current links there.

I also have plans to ask a friend about what’s going on. But I wouldn’t go near CCC on Sunday evening for Tom’s talk. I don’t think it is a safe plan.

Joe Coffey to Cari Gintz (Nov 13, 2018 at 7:42 AM)

This is absolutely NOT true. This continues to go on. Joe Mauk seems like he is increasing his efforts to smear Tom and CCC. It’s crazy. I had to address it before the message a couple of weeks ago. Social media is so dangerous and evil at times. Anyone can say anything. The case was investigated for 4 years by the child services and the government authorities of the Philippines. All charges were dropped. Tom was never charged with anything.

Joe Mauk, who triggered the raid, has lost all credibility in the Philippines and is desperate to try to exonerate his actions. Thanks for trusting us. One of the interesting things about anyone who gets infected by Joe is that they all refuse to even meet with Tom and Karen and hear their story. That’s amazing to me. Somehow Joe convinces them that they shouldn’t even talk to Tom when supposedly these are Christian people who want to know the truth. This has been a huge distraction and has been terribly painful for both Tom and Karen. Ok, I’m done.

You can tell whoever sent you this that they should talk to Tom or get the phone numbers for some of the kids and get their perspective. We gladly give anyone their numbers so they can hear first hand what happened and what didn’t happen.

Your friend,


Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 13, 2018 at 7:45 AM)

Thank you so much Joe- I will send this back to them.

Prayers for our church as always continue in my morning time and deep prayers for covering as well

Your friend

Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 15, 2018 at 6:47 AM)

Dear Joe

After listening to the podcast below my heart is deeply grieved. This is not a fabricated testimony of women- one does not fabricate Truth in this manner/ it is not elaborated. We are called to discern truth rightly.

I don’t believe Tom is guilty- maybe of loyalty to man- however somewhere in the equation I am hoping discernment has not fallen and loyalty to man may be exceeding loyalty to the Lord. Joe this is not coming from the outside but people, strong members, inside our four walls concerned about undisclosed monetary decisions and lack of an objective elder board as oversite and covering for you and unilateral decisions.

You are correct time and truth and I am confident the Lord will shine on all that is hidden; yet I also know we are humans and can allow passion and loyalty and friendship to supersede what may be awful atrocities against young people. I know they recanted- under pressure it can be too much. And money can buy much

I’m sure this email has at first sparked anger/ that is not my intent- Joe I know what passion and pride can do- if even an ounce of this is true- the Lord is quite displeased and it could crash all to the ground-

As our leader, I’m asking that you personally go before the Lord and allow Him to speak- laying aside loyalties - I’m just a small person in the church who has probably annoyed you more than once. But I’m honest and forthright and I pray!

This is not going to end especially if evidence builds that exposes and you will personally go right down with the rest. I know you don’t walk in fear but first and foremost you have been called to Shephard.

If you have not heard the link below, I’m asking you listen with objectivity- all the way to the end as the last 5 minutes of what they desired from Tom are more than gripping.

In His Grip and with deep prayers in my heart. God will be glorified always!

You don’t need to respond especially if you are infuriated as you are not accountable to me by any stretch- I just happen to be someone who cares and has enough guts to write.

Your Friend


---------- Forwarded

Here is a podcast / interview with the whistle blower and one of the victims at Tom Randall’s place in the Philippines. Bongolan podcast.mp3

I have listened to more than half and I find it pretty disturbing.

Joe Coffey to Cari Gintz (Nov 15, 2018 at 9:17 AM)

Dear Cari,

I appreciate your concern but I would invite anyone who has questions to sit down with Tom and Karen and talk to them. They will gladly connect you to the people who are actually in the Philippines, the kids that actually lived there and know {Victim 1} and the Mauks. You can speak to {Victim 1}’s sister who was also a part of the orphanage. You can see her file over the years, understand her background. I would suggest looking into the primary sources before you make a judgement based on a blogger or even this video. There’s a lot of information you don’t know. I can pretty much guarantee whoever is spreading this has never taken the trouble to sit down with Tom and Karen and ask them direct questions or researched the primary sources to see what is true or not true. Which is really sad when you think about it because it seems so biblical. Please do the work necessary before jumping to conclusions about whether loyalty has blinded anyone. We also have asked a group of trained professionals (men and women trained in human trafficking and law enforcement) to conduct an independent investigation into everything to make sure the DSWD (child services in the Philippines who conducted 2 full investigations and the NBI (the Philippine version of the FBI) didn’t miss anything. If you are really concerned then please sit down with Tom or Karen and talk with them. They have both longed for people who have questions about them and what went on in the Philippines to just ask them and let them tell what they know.

Your friend,


Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 17, 2018 at 9:11 AM)

Hi Joe

I’m heeding you advice and doing the work . Fortunately a few within our midst have also been burdened to do the work-well founded documentation - this is quite serious in my mind and I cannot treat it casual-

I think to say someone has a vindictive spirit is to underestimate what might have actually occurred- just curious too- why is our church holding 2 million of Toms money-? Is that really a church function Joe. ? Some things just are not adding up with some of us- we care loads but won’t tolerate if Truth is really falling down.

You are right much is not known - but what is being presented does not seem to add up either-

One podcast certainly does not tip the scales- what independent investigation and will it be completely objective if CCC is funding it- doesn’t loyalty right now potentially out way striving for Truth- Joe can you honestly say that you would stand in front of everyone if Toto is found to be a wicked man and say to the whole congregation that CCC was wrong to defend- I hope so because in my heart I believe the possibility is there- the documentation is not cheesy- it’s overwhelming!

This is highly serious as our church may have defended a very evil, manipulative, and deceptive man who has hurt kids. And what saddens me more is that it was ignored- these are children Joe who traditionally have no voice.

We have heard Toms side- but our own church is completely minimizing the other side as awful people. Joe the ones concerned are believers under your leadership - even in the level that the church has overstepped the bounds of involvement that are appropriate-

I care lots as well as highly concerned .

Your friend

Cari Gintz

Dear Cari,

First, the church has never heard Tom’s side. You haven’t heard Tom’s side. If you are going to “do the work” you need to sit down with Tom and Karen, get the phone numbers of people in the Philippines, talk to the missionaries who have been right there from the beginning, talk to the kids who were there for their entire lives. You haven’t done any of that. The person who is feeding you information, the blogger who is posting this, the “advocates” have never done any of this. Way back in 2013 the only person who did the research was an Akron Beacon reporter who Joe Mauk called and fed all this to called me. I gave her all the numbers to call, she did the work of a real reporter and called me back saying, “wow, there is a completely different narrative that the kids tell” and she said as a reporter she could and would never print what you are hearing and what you are reading.

The bylaws of every ministry I know read the same as our bylaws. If CCC decides to close the elders are bound to find a like minded organization and transfer all assets and liabilities to that organization. The board of World Harvest approached CCC and asked us if we would be that organization for them. We agreed. We took over all their assets and liabilities including all the ministries they were involved in within the Philippines. We have an external audit every year to make sure every single thing we do is above board. Does Joe Mauk do that? Does every ministry you know of do that?

The lies that people are willing to believe are amazing to me. We did nothing for Toto Luchavez and his son Jake except to provide legal counsel for them, which by the way Pat Keating (attorney) says was our legal responsibility since they were employees. Would you rather we break Ohio law because of an accusation? Do you know anything about Joe Mauk? Do you know anything about the way he has treated the kids, what he promised or threatened {Victim 1} with or {Victim 3}? Do you know he owes World Harvest 450k? Have you sifted through all his posts with Tom to see how many lies, flat out lies he has posted about the ordeal? If he is telling the truth then why would he have to lie at all?

Cari, you really need to completely stop, make an appointment with Tom and Karen and sit down and let them tell you the mountain of stuff you don’t know and will never know until you ask them. You of all people should know that Satan is most effective when he weaves some truth with some lie. You are reading partial truth and partly lie and you are willing to believe it. Do not go deeper into this terribly dangerous mixture without talking to Tom and Karen.

You say this was ignored. How in the world was this ignored? Do you know how many hours have gone into the investigation in the Philippines and here in the States? You only know what Joe Mauk is feeding you. Do you know anything about GRACE and whether they have forensic interviewers in the Philippines who could help? Do you know what Joe Mauk feels would be resolution? Do you know if Joe Mauk wants more money from World Harvest? Do you know if he has stolen money from World Harvest? Do you know if he ever hit one of the kids? Do you know if he is guilty of crimes in the Philippines, one of which is NOT reporting a sex offender who molested one of the kids 10 years ago when it was his responsibility? Do you now about Miriam and her history? Do you know we sent a team ({Redacted two names of CCC women}) over to the Philippines to meet with the kids to get their story? Do you know that church leaders over in the Philippines have investigated and concluded that Joe Mauk is in disobedience? Do you know if Joe Mauk is accountable to anyone? I mean anyone?

And yet you say we have ignored this whole fiasco and never done the necessary investigation to find out the truth of what happened? Do you know the NBI and the bribes?

What exactly do you know Cari? You know what a single person is wanting you to know. ASK. All you need to do is sit down with Tom and Karen and ask and no one, not a single person, not ONE person Joe Mauk has infected has ever been willing to do that. Doesn’t that strike you as wildly unbiblical? Why would Joe Mauk convince people to not talk to Tom and Karen.

And please do not say to yourself, “Oh, Joe’s loyalty has clouded his judgement” until you have spent the hundreds of hours I have spent with this and until you talk to the one person who is right here who knows more than anyone else about the kids, Joe Mauk, the Philippines, {Victim 1}, the money, {Victim 3}, World Harvest, the NBI, the Child services, the investigations, the raid that Joe Mauk did 3 weeks before the raid, the raid, prison, the missionary community in the Philippines and all 31 of the children at Sankey Samaritan and what they are doing now.

Google Joe Mauk and then google Tom Randall and tell me who has been maligned. We haven’t said or written anything about Joe Mauk since my first blog back in 2013 which I took down within the week. Joe Mauk has posted literally hundreds of things about Tom(including making fun of Tom riding a unicycle for ministry) and about me and about the church to try to discredit us. Miriam posted that we sit under a “glittering dome of lies”. What lies? What is a single lie we have told about any of this? She says CCC has thrived on the backs of children who have been abused. Really? How have we thrived off of this? Do any of their comments, any of their lies concern you?

Please do not talk to me about this tomorrow before I preach. Call or write Tom right now and set up a time for you and the whole group to sit down to talk with him. He has longed for anyone with these questions to just ask him. {Redacted contact information} Call him right now. Have everyone in your group be there. EVERYONE. If someone will not do that you need to ask why and what biblical grounds do they have to not sit down with the person who is being accused.

Still your friend,


Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 17, 2018, at 10:58 AM)

Hi Joe

As my pastor, I will heed your advice - I’m not spreading this by the way- just coming to you. Tom also should have opportunity too!- and I would never approach you in public in this either- that would not be appropriate.

Thanks for the closing- ‘still your friend’- all quite confusing for sure

Joe Coffey to Cari Gintz (Nov 17, 2018 at 12:04 PM)

Please don’t just stop. Call Tom Monday at the latest. Make the people who are “researching” this meet w Tom next week. This is poison and it is satanic. It is now your responsibility to follow through.

Sent from my iPhone

Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey (Nov 17, 2018 at 10:22 PM)

Never heard from Tom. I’m ok- just not going to be distracted - trusting God to do what He does best and I always pray for you and our church- everyday Joe..

Cari Gintz and others did arrange to meet with Tom Randall. The meeting took place on December 14, 2018. The following email exchange occurred after the meeting.

Cari Gintz to Joe Coffey and Jim Colledge (Dec 17, 2018 at 7:28 AM)

Dear Jim and Joe

The last five weeks have been nothing short of horrifying and disturbing.  You must know that I did not “seek” out anything.  In fact, I believed wholeheartedly the stand from the pulpit.  Yet, when I heard some of the tapes of the girls, something inside had a deep check that I could not ignore and I prayed about it - ALOT.  Then things started to happen and I was in touch with people, who independently, unrelated to Joe Mauk also had questions and for years and month started bravely weed whacking through evidence and testimony. Why, because most abuse cases are not fabricated.  In fact, most of the cases happen with the most unlikely people- not strangers.  Why else, because there are 27 verses in the Bible that talks about the Lords eye on the orphans.

I’m a bit personally surprised and distressed by the following:

1.  Joe C, your initial tweet said there are two sides but I believe Tom - I personally believe your responsibility was to place discernment over loyalty regardless of how you “felt”.

2.  You challenged me to sit down personally with Tom and Karen to hear their side - yet, what you preached to me was not practiced in kind as the response you and the “hidden” elders in our church gave when he wrote a very professional letter was to deny the request.  He too is a brother in Christ - so your challenge to me was not upheld by your own practice - I ponder why and it is unnerving.

3.  I have it on the account of two witnesses - not one Joe, two- who had nothing to gain except to protect kids, that when you were personally presented and avidavit of a young boy sodomized and forced to give a man a blow job that you “arched your back” and said “you know how orphans are” and the tenor of the meeting was anything but a pastors listening ear and humility.  This for me is probably the most disturbing of all. Joe, you were like the father I never had - you told me the truth years ago and it is with tears while I heard the same account - its two different people who have not spoken in a few years.  They were both there - They had nothing to protect Joe - absolutely nothing - they believed like I would that a pastor would stand up and take notice.  They did not get humility Joe.  This is not anything like my own father.  Given the abuse he suffered he would have cried - did you ever cry Joe when you heard about those kids or was all the focus directed towards protecting your friend al all cost.

4.  Our church did not give one single dime to the orphans to assist in their trial - because we were already pre-disposed to a level of innocence.

5.  If my child was abused and wrote a signed avidavit - I would not read it once, I would read it 10 times regardless of how painful.  When Tom and Karen were questioned on this on Friday - they read NONE of them - that was said “they read NONE of them”. Their supposed children, and they read none of them

6.  Some of these kids have been made out to be mentally ill and off base as if they decided they were abused to gain something.  Joe, wake up.  They have nothing and if their support is threatened in any way, they will do anything. We only spoke of “kissing” in our church.  Do you know that one boy is in hiding?  Do you know that one boy physically shook in the courtroom when he saw the face of his perpetrator.

7.  When I personally asked what the charges were against Toto - Tom said he did not know - yet it was his employee.  When I asked Tom on the phone if he released Toto immediately - He said yes.  Yet documented evidence is contradictory - in one place he says he fired him, in another place he said he let him go, in the meeting he said he told him to go across the street and play golf.

8.  If the church truly had nothing to hide, truly, then there would have been absolutely no hesitation to bring in a neutral third party immediately and solicit the help of {Redacted} and all who were deeply concerned - this did not happen.  In fact, it makes it almost impossible to believe the story board because the church supposedly picked someone better.  Can you honestly and forthrightly say that the “person” you picked is objective, no strings attached to CCC, no benefit from CC on tithing - absolutely no strings attached - BIG QUESTION JOE, BIG QUESTION- and yes it is caps because to me it is deplorable that the church would not listen to others who came to you time and time again.  Instead you have lifted up your friend above the call to protect the church.

In closing, I came yesterday and will continue to come because I care a tremendous amount that God’s reputation would be preserved and I sit there in pray.  By the way, your message yesterday was very good.  Was it comfortable, no.  You see Joe, whistleblowers are coined as divisive.  Read the account at Willow Creek.  The pastors and the elders ignored what was right under their noses and the victims were single handedly destroyed.  I take the risk that you all will attempt the same on me - but yet I stand in confidence that from the day I have walked into CCC until this day, I have honored the leadership. So, you can only imagine the horror to have much of this get shattered as I have probed and dug.

The women and men who have come forward are not idiots.  Many top researchers around the country that are not linked by anything have probed and probed and even tried to poke holes in their own investigations only to confirm the evidence.

Most importantly, why did Tom go to such great lengths to defend Toto and Jake who were unsupervised much of the time?  That alone is a very curious question. He could not even answer who was on his board at the time of the arrest, yet we know.

I also did not appreciate the visual image that Tom portrayed to females in the room that he had to put a straw up his penis to pee.  Seriously! - Also my daughter who is a nurse says this is almost an impossibility.  The church said he got medical help.

Then he claimed that the orphans were starving and had not eaten in three days so he bought chicken.  He did buy chicken for the inmates.  The evidence shows that the children were taken food by two missionary’s daily and provided a cake for one of their birthdays.

I am sure that as you both read this, you believe I am crazy.  Fortunately this entire summer, the Lord has had me in a quiet place to realize that truth will cost me on every level and also to keep redirecting me to my identity in him. This case is not closed as was conveyed by the pulpit and the final NBI report actually states that they are certain some level of abuse happened at the Sankey orphanage.  No one can tell me that the power and money behind a mega church and the political influences wielded did not have an impact to erode justice.  We know it happens in the secular world Joe.  It is a fact.

In closing, the issue is this.  Did you follow Micah 6:8? - Have you shown one ounce of care to the orphans or is the church no more on a mission to protect their own?  The hiddenness of the elder board, the hiddenness of finances, and the hiddenness and reluctance to work with the teams like {Redacted} - a respected pastor as well, seems that there was a desire to “keep it in the family” - that is what Tom did with the kids - “not good to share outside the family”.

I am making one last appeal for the sake of the church that you would both lay down loyalty and possible pride that nothing could possibly happen at CCC.  I am begging you to deeply pray as it is with extreme bravery I wrote this to you. It was with bravery I sat in my normal spot on Sunday.  And, it was with even more bravery that we challenged Tom in the end.  Remember, God sees the orphans whether the church sees them or not.  Horrific things occurred.  I almost vomited when Tom said Jake was this meek and mild boy who could do no harm.

What if it did happen gentlemen and pastors? - what if the thinking has been clouded by a very polished speaker?  Unfortunately, where there is smoke there is fire.  I hope you will pick up this appeal, be open and forthright and start working with the advocates. This is not a Satanic bunch Joe.

In His Grip Forever.


Jim Colledge to Cari Gintz, Sat, Dec 22, 2018, 10:49 AM

Dear Cari,

Having received your email of  December 17 th  the elders intend to invite you to meet with members of the board to address the subject of your email, as well as the charges within it. The elders have a number of questions for you as we consider the severity of the accusations made. I suggest that we allow the Christmas holiday to pass before scheduling a time to meet in January.

Additionally we would ask that you cease attempting to contact Tom Randall through his cell phone. The elders are asking you to respect both his privacy and the process of the independent investigation that is being done presently.


Jim Gaul, Chairman of the Board of Elders
Jim Colledge, Founding Pastor

Cari Gintz to Jim Colledge (Dec 22, 2018 at 11:55 AM)

Hi Jim

My phone and records are available for anyone to review- I have not contacted or harassed in any way and if that is what he is saying- it is false and a lie- you can convey that as he has no proof of such things because they are untrue- I’m not foolish to contact someone like Tom.

I will be praying about this as it took courage to write-

Thank you for your response

In a His Grip


Cari Gintz to Jim Colledge (Jan 1, 2019 at 10:49 AM)

Happy New Year Jim

In relation to the meeting - I have some key questions

A. What is the purpose
B. What are the questions
C. Who will be in attendance

I would also like to bring another party with me.

In closing, I work full time so it would have to be in the evening.

Since many of my troublings  were associated with Joe Coffey- I Trust He will be in attendance

Thanks much and I hope 2019 brings much blessing

Jim Colledge to Cari Gintz (Jan 2, 2019 at 2:59 PM)


I am sorry that I was not clearer. Because the request by the elders is to address your allegations and concerns regarding Christ Community Chapel as a member we do not think it would be inappropriate for anyone else to be present.



Jim Colledge to Cari Gintz (Wed, Jan 2 at 3:16 PM)


Again my apologies. I meant to say, “we do not think it would be appropriate for anyone else to be present.”


Cari Gintz to Jim Colledge (Jan 2, 2019 at 4:32 PM)

Dear Jim:

Thank you for the response.  In view of the decline for someone to be present with me, I will not be a participant in such a meeting.  Previous attempts to engage Joe or engage an objective research of the accusations have not produced any results.  I wrote to you and Joe in the sincere hope that it would be a “wake up”  and a voice that has been a long standing member who has valued the leadership.   I was wiling to sit with the Elder Board provided I could have a “witness” to the discussions. I was trying to provide a final opportunity to both of for the church to redirect towards pure objectivity. The supporting evidence cannot be ignored or minimized - there is just too much and it is just too deep.  At Joe’s request some weeks ago, I spoke to the orphans.  Jim, the mantra can be that the affidavits were not true,  the mantra can be that all parties are innocent.  However, God will deal with this and He will deal in a thorough manner. These, now adults, are not lying Jim. If the church truly wanted objectivity they would have solicited a totally independent organization capable of a totally unbiased investigation and not selected one in part supported or linked to CCC in any way shape or form.  CCC should have been willing to be completely hands off and let the third party drive the investigation and present the unbiased results.   That did not happen at all which makes it impossible to believe that image has not superseded a real desire for truth to be brought to the light.

In His Grip


Jim Colledge to Cari Gintz (Jan 4, 2019 at 1:07 PM)

Dear Cari:

It is disappointing that you have chosen not to meet with members of the Elder Board. I, for one, looked forward to addressing the issues that divide us as related to the church.

If I may, I believe you misunderstand the purpose of why the elders are asking to meet with you. It is not the intent of the elders to address anything related to the events and alleged charges that may or may not linger in the Philippines. Our desire is to address your position and understanding of leadership and governance of Christ Community Chapel and your willingness to (abide) by the membership covenant that you affirmed when you became a member of this local church. These concerns of the elder board are quite separate from the past events and present investigation of the Sankey School/Home, World Harvest Ministries, and Tom Randall.

Your demonstration of mistrust and disrespect for the spiritual leadership of Christ Community Chapel is astounding. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, you have determined that you have authority to discern the spiritual health of the local church. This is a dangerous position for anyone to assume. I have been a pastor for nearly forty years Cari, and what you are doing I have seen before. The end is always the same. Like others, you will leave the church and settle somewhere else. Eventually you will do the same thing and leave a legacy of harm and divisiveness. I urge you for the sake of the gospel to reverse your decision to meet with members of the elder board of the church.



Cari Gintz to Jim Colledge (Jan 5, 2019 at 9:52 PM)

Hi Jim

I read your email with openness, although tremendously unnerved  by the concept of divisive, but that is ok. Given I can bring no one- I would be willing to meet with ONE elder and their wife in a public place - , I’m glad you told me the nature of meeting- I will not set myself up to be bullied or intimidated so if these terms are acceptable- I’m willing. If not, then so be it, this needs to be two way dialogue- not one way battering/ I also know what it means to follow leadership ; however not at all cost if I deem that something is in violation to true Christianity- which is why I take exception to some of your takes. I appreciate your forthrightness on the purpose.  I think my terms are more than reasonable.

Will await your response

In His Grip

Jim Colledge to Cari Gintz (Jan 10, 2019 at 4:49 PM)

Dear Cari,

Thank you for your email. Before I respond directly, I want to tell you that I would rather pastor you in person, but I fear that the opportunity to do so is quickly fading. So, my only alternative is to attempt to pastor through email.

It is my impression that you have assumed to know the intentions of the heart of the pastoral leadership that loves you. You assumed to know Joe Coffey’s heart in your email to him, you assumed to know the intent of Stacey’s heart in your email to her. Now you have assumed that the elders intend to bully or somehow harass you. This could not be further from the truth. Please understand that I am not negotiating the invitation of the elders to meet with you. Your suggestion that you will meet only in public with on elder and his wife would not be wise for you or the elders. I have suggested a small representation of elders so as not to be overwhelming for you. We as elders desire to care for the members. You need to know that the elders want to bring restoration to fractures in trust if possible. The role of the elders as guardians of the ministry of Christ Community Chapel extends broadly to the entire congregation and individually to each member.

Cari, you have misunderstood the intent of the leadership of the church. You communicated a fear of those who have loved you and cared for you for 10 years plus. You have said you know what it means to submit to the church and godly leadership. But now because you disagree, you have determined that the spiritual leadership is ungodly and, therefore, you need not submit. That’s not submission. It is agreement. Submission happens when you have a difference of opinion.

You have assumed the worst in people of whom you should assume the best. Conversely, you have assumed the best in those you have little history with nor you know very well. I urge you as a pastor of many years to abandon this harmful direction for your sake and for the sake of those who have cared for you. As I mentioned in my earlier email to you in my decades as a pastor, I have seen this before. Someone makes accusations and attacks the leadership of the church and then refuses meet with the leadership being attacked.

What I write now I do so with pastoral gentleness and firmness. Please do not mistake arrogance for courage nor self-righteousness for maturity. I know your tendency will be to dismiss this as an attack from someone who is being misled by Satan but I would ask you to consider for a moment the possibility that the entire pastoral staff, the pastor who befriended and loved you from the first time you walked in the doors of the church and the elders who provide leadership and protection for this entire ministry might not be the ones who are being deceived.

I am praying for our Lord to bring wisdom, grace and resolution.

Kind regards,